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Teo Shun Samuel
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Io-Chan Omega HL
The copper-tanned little lady's sweaty, muscular body glistened against the chaotic landscape of the city she was tearing apart, flourishing in her power.

Leaving nothing but ruined towers and castles in her wake, the populace could do nothing but flee in fear as Io nonchalantly reclined against their capital castle, her musky scent filling the atmosphere as she relaxed against the building with her arms behind her back.

Sweat dripped from her body onto the buildings immediately around her as she playfully ravaged the city with her legs, panting heavily as she enjoyed the sensation of the entire city crumbling at her feet.

"Let's have lots of fun together~"
Rampaging Anzu
Crushing everything with her small frame, rubble and debris stuck to the president's sweaty, sticky body as she rampaged through the huge city. She did as she pleased with the helpless city, crushing everything around her with her bare feet and leaving nothing but a trail of destruction as she made her way through the city.    

The colossal Anzu was lightly amused, but ultimately unfazed by the attempts to stop her by the military. Paying no attention to their futile missile strikes, she moved on to sating her voracious appetite, only made even larger by her largely increased size. Setting her sights on a tower that was significantly taller than the rest of the buildings, she casually ripped off the upper floors of the building and peered excitedly into the building in her grasp.

The utter chaos caused by the entire building being tilted and ripped like that caused the crowds of people still residing in it to react with nothing but senseless screaming and panic. Anzu chuckled to herself as she closely observed multiple floors of the building, her face alone being as large as a section of the building itself.

"Looks like there's plenty of you little people in this... thank you for the meal~"

She raised the building to her mouth, licking it a bit before biting down hard on the crumbling structure; debris and smoke flew everywhere as she sank her teeth into the reinforced steel and concrete effortlessly. She made sure to get more of the "main dish" in her mouth as she slowly chewed and savoured the taste.

"Mm... mm. Dried potatoes are still better, but this texture is just as good..."
Meredith's Indulgence
The demoness' fluffy ears twitched in excitement as she closed in on the magnificent city laid out before her. Gigantic walls lined the city's borders proudly, poised to repel any would-be invaders. Towers and castles climbed up into the sky and beyond, signifying the peak of the civilization's rule.

Unfortunately for the city, the normally more passive Meredith was feeling peckish and itching for a city to toy with after having a light snack with a certain blue-skinned demoness. She smiled smugly to herself as she stood right next to the city's seemingly inpenetrable's walls; barely past her knees in height, they did nothing to prevent her from simply tearing them down and rampaging through the city past them.

The demoness made short work of anything that attempted to slow her down. Entire armies were turned into mush with a single stomp of her tower-like feet and any of the city's mounted defenses did nothing to put a dent on her muscular body. As her curiosity grew, systematically dismantled the numerous citadels that once stood proudly over the city, tearing her fists into them and peering into the crowds of humans panicking in them.

Meredith's appetite grew the more she toyed with the kingdom and it wasn't long before she started grabbing entire crowds of humans through the holes she made, gorging on them like mere snacks. She enjoyed herself throughly, demolishing anything she pleased and relishing in the chaos she was causing as she filled her demanding belly.

Decorating the ground level with her footprints and fist marks, she set her eyes on the multi-levelled residental complex that nested on a mountain-like castle. Without hesitation, she laid her lithe, sweaty body on it, literally resting on the entire city as she wiped the mixed debris and blood from her body. Everything that wasn't immediately flattened by her gargantuan frame was subject to the demoness' increasingly heated and excited body, her sweat pouring down on the panicking and surviving city like raindrops.

More than half of the surviving humans were wiped out immediately as the demoness casually rested her toned back against the structure, causing unprecendented destruction everywhere. Those that had the misfortune of not being immediately flattened were treated to the thick, feminine scent of her gigantic, sweaty body, especially for those around her glistening armpits and biceps; any survivors that were around those areas could not stand up to Meredith's presence.

Her tight body relaxed over the entire city, Meredith comfortably nestled amongst her prey, peering at the helpless crowds of humans and houses laid out all around her. She smiked to herself as she thought of how she should devour what's left of the once bustling city.
sup, i'm trying to make a game with :icontokotiger: about cute and strong giant girls fighting each other. the art for my characters are pretty much done but :icontokotiger: still has characters that have yet to get their art done so he'll upload them later. the game project has a group now,, so all further art and stuff will be posted there. do ask him if you have more questions as i'm busy quite a bit.




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